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Hydraulic cylinders in various designs and for many applications such as:

Engineering Cylinders ✓ Crane Cylinders ✓ Mining Machine Cylinders ✓ Tunnel Boring Cylinders ✓ Harbor Machine Cylinders ✓ Maritime and Offshore Cylinders ✓ Energy Application Cylinders ✓ Cement Application Cylinders ✓ Metallurgical Application Cylinders ✓ Hydraulic Application Cylinders ✓ Municipal Engineering Cylinders ✓ Rail Transit Cylinders


Our product range today extends from pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders to large cylinders and special cylinders.

We also offer the necessary equipment for this, such as pressure valves, control valves and directional control valves.

With our highly qualified team, we repair cylinders of all types and sizes. The service includes the replacement of individual spare parts (cylinder tubes, piston rods, pistons, guide heads and guide heads) as well as the replacement of the sealing kit.

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