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SUNFAB fixed pumps single circuit

Sunfab is your supplier for a wide range of hydraulic pumps. These pumps are optimized for all types of applications. We offer 12 different sizes in the range of 12-130 cm³ with operating pressures of up to 400 bar.

SUNFAB fixed pumps dual circuit

Sunfab dual circuit pumps for vehicles with multiple hydraulic circuits. The range of dual circuit constant pumps SCPD and SLPD includes 10 different sizes from 20/20 cm³ to 76/76 cm³. The double circuit SCPD pumps have a bent axis design, the SLPD pumps have a swash plate design with slip ring.

variable pumps

We offer variable displacement pumps with displacements of 62, 92, 112 and 130 cm³. With an operating pressure of up to 400 bar, various types of regulators and tandem pumps, you can use this type of pump in almost any application where variable oil flow is required.

hydraulic motors

Sunfab offers hydraulic motors according to SAE, ISO and DIN standards, as well as plug-in motors. Displacement is 10-130cc with a choice of shafts, mounting flanges and ports. High speeds and an operating pressure of up to 400 bar enable an output of up to 285 kW.

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