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We offer a wide range of hydraulics. Our specialty is the repair of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders. In addition, you can also entrust us with the correct use of hydraulic hoses including hose replacement and hose inspection. 


Hydraulic hose and its correct application

There are numerous rules for the correct use of a hydraulic hose to ensure the performance of the entire system. The hoses are used wherever fixed pipelines cannot be used. Spatial conditions can also make it necessary to use a hydraulic hose. Hydraulic hoses have to be able to withstand high loads - which makes it all the more important to choose the right one for the system. There are significant differences between the individual variants, for example with regard to the bending radius, the diameter and the flow rate, the flow rate and the intended use. We therefore always recommend professional advice when selecting a hydraulic hose. 

Damage to hydraulic hoses can have a significant impact on the entire system - so they should be checked regularly. Cracks, small bubbles or abrasion can be detected and repaired in good time. Regular checking of the tightness is also useful. As a specialist company, EW Fluidtechnik will be happy to check the hose and replace it if necessary. 

Our services for the correct use of hydraulic hoses: 
•    hose test
•    Catalogue of all hose assemblies
•    optimization
•    hose replacement
•    Complete system building  


Why we are the right partner

Good reasons to choose
EW Fluidtechnik to decide


We only sell and install high-quality components that have been used reliably for many years.

full service

We have gradually expanded our offers and services in recent years and offer a full service.


Our team consists of specialists who have extensive know-how in the fields of engineering, hydraulics and plant construction.


In recent years we have built up a network of partners whose quality we can rely on.


We offer all services related to sales and service from a single source. As a result, all work steps mesh like gears. 


With a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001, we demonstrate quality orientation in every sub-process of thinking and acting.


Your partner for plant construction, planning & implementation

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